The benefits

 Benefits A Velocity repair is:

Fast and efficient
Velocity’s machines can carry out fast and efficient repairs (usually no longer than two minutes each), which mean shorter road closures and improved public perception.

Far more cost-effective than conventional methods
According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance, the average pothole repair ranges from £35 in Wales to £55 in England. But an average Velocity repair will cost just £18. 

Very low on carbon emissions

As we don’t need to cut out repairs, there is less waste and therefore fewer trips to landfill, while the process is 100% cold applied.

Instantly ready to take vehicles of up to 40 tonnes
Compaction levels are better than conventional methods due to the layer by layer compaction from the bottom up, not top down. This means repairs can be opened to traffic immediately, dramatically reducing your traffic management costs.

Long-lasting and will pass the test of time
Velocity repairs provide a permanent solution to all manner of road surface defects.