Why Velocity?

Road experts warn that lives will be lost if road maintenance is neglected – and highways authorities will be searching for billions to fund repairs that would have cost a lot less had they been tackled sooner.

Velocity have the answer to the problem.

With our highly-skilled staff and hi-tech machines, we offer a complete service, carrying out super-fast pothole repairs at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. Involving exceptionally low carbon emissions, the Velocity method permanently repairs a pothole in about two minutes, a fraction of the time it takes a repair gang to do the job manually.

Why velocity Our speedy, long-lasting alternative to traditional road repairs could dramatically reduce the repair backlog if more local councils followed the lead of Kent, Essex, Cheshire, Northumberland and many other forward-thinking highways authorities that use Velocity’s expert services.

Velocity are THE EXPERTS when it comes to planning programmes of work to prevent the formation of potholes in the first place. We can identify areas of road surface vulnerable to pothole formation and our crews can adapt the velocity patching technique to seal the existing road surface and preserve failing conventional repairs.

This approach dramatically reduces the number of new road surface defects appearing and enables authorities to strategically plan their Highways workload.

Codes of Practice

While velocity patching has developed into a generic term to describe an innovative method of road repair that was pioneered by Velocity, we remain the original and best, retaining our market-leading position through an adherence to a long list of stringent new codes of practice and standards.

Velocity is the industry’s only operator adhering to every code of practice covering velocity patching. We have achieved BS434-2: 2006, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and the National Highway Sector Scheme 13 for velocity patching, together with a code of practice for the industry issued by the Road Surface Treatment Association and endorsed by ADEPT (the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport).

Staff Training

All Velocity operating personnel follow a bespoke training package using National Vocational Qualifications and undergo training through the RSTA to surpass industry requirements. All of the company’s contracting personnel hold the appropriate CSCS card.