Welcome to the Velocity products page. Here at Velocity we are proud to
be able to provide a range of products and services such as ;

  • New Velocity Road Repair Machine
  • Coach-building services such as mudguard fittings, custom made brackets and chassis or equipment refurbishments
  • Spare parts for all of our products

Please feel free to give us a call to enquire about these products or click on the link below the image to do an online enquiry.


Velocity Road Repair Machine


As well as offering our premium services to repair and prevent further damage to your road network, Velocity can also manufacture your very own Velocity Road Repair machine, tailored to meet your exact requirements.

With our flexible machine servicing contracts, emulsion and aggregate supply chain expertise and elite training team we aim to provide you with a quality, cost-effective and efficient solution.

Please click on the link to configure your Velocity Road Repair machine.